1. Start
  2. Introduction
  1. Principles

  2. The big picture
  3. What needs protecting
  4. Develop a threat model for your application
  5. The four layers of mobile application protection
  1. Threats

  2. Decompilation and modification
  3. Dynamic analysis and tampering
  4. Emulators and Virtualization Apps
  5. Malware
  6. Network communications interception
  7. Mobile app fraud
  1. Practice

  2. Mobile app protection checklist
  3. Continuous security
  1. Summary

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We hope this guide has given you a rounded view of the threat landscape and the value of security. In this final section it’s time to look at mobile application protection in practice. We share our call to arms for continuous security across the entire development journey and app lifecycle. And there’s also a mobile application protection checklist that you can use to put into practice what you’ve learned in this guide.

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