In-app protection that allows the defense sector to safely embrace the future

Militaries around the world are more reliant on digital technology than they’ve ever been. And apps are an integral part of this new reality. They’re helping to make defense systems more nimble.

But this transition has introduced the defense sector to the threat of cyber attacks. Bad actors see apps in this sector as a tempting prospect. So they need to be defended.

Types of apps and the threats facing them

Apps are used to recruit and train members of the military. They also offer support for veterans. And there are a variety of apps for use in the field. Some are for combat planning. Others are for tactical navigation. There are also apps that are used for real-time communications and notifications. These might update personnel about a base’s operating status, for example.

Because of the critical nature of the data contained in these apps, they’ve become prime targets for hackers. They’re at risk from tampering, theft of intellectual property, and sensitive data exfiltration. Bad actors will also try to intercept communications. They do this using their own malicious server (a man-in-the-middle attack). Another risk comes when people use sensitive apps in untrusted environments. That could be military personnel using an app alongside another dangerous one that they have installed on their device.

How we help

We use a combination of different defensive tools to secure apps and keep bad actors at bay. Working deep within the app, we protect its code and contents. We prevent tampering. And we carry out sensitive crypto operations and store key material in a safe, secure container.

Our environment checks detect untrusted environments. They also highlight rooting, debugging, hooking, and emulators. This detection is important because these are tools that attackers use to reverse engineer apps. We also use deep communication hardening to stop man-in-the-middle attacks. This means that military personnel can communicate safely.


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