Internet of things

Effective armor for the apps that track our growing world of smart devices

IoT has evolved in recent years from a buzzword to something more tangible. IoT is about tracking and learning from the sensors that surround us. That’s important, because data is more valuable than it’s ever been. And IoT apps are crucial in turning that data into actionable insights.

But this data is also attractive to hackers. They’re constantly evolving their attacks to steal it. That’s why protecting these apps is so important.

Types of apps and the threats facing them

Smart home apps control and gather data from switches, sensors and cameras. The same thing happens in businesses and factories. Apps control and analyze power and production lines. And on a much larger scale, this process takes place in energy and resource management. Instead of the light switch in the home or an air conditioning unit at a workplace, it’s a hydro-electric plant that is monitored. Apps also track and control the devices and sensors that help to create smarter cities.

But this torrent of useful data isn’t only valuable to us. Bad actors know that if they can control these apps, then they can steal valuable data about a business. They can learn about an individual’s habits and movements. That’s why these apps are at risk from sensitive data exfiltration, including leakage of crypto keys. They’re also vulnerable to tampering and intellectual property theft. And hackers can attempt to extract valuable data via man-in-the-middle attacks, using their own malicious server.

How we help

Our products each come with different layers of protection. These layers are used on top of one another to create a robust shield that protects the valuable data that is gathered and analyzed within IoT apps. They prevent bad actors from tampering with the sensitive logic. They protect the app’s code and content. And they carry out sensitive cryptographic operations and store key material in a secure container.

We use deep communication hardening to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks. And we also offer real-time attack telemetry and threat intelligence. This gives companies in the IoT space a better idea of the threats that exist and helps them to plan a robust defensive strategy.


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