Introducing the Licel Scale Up Program

10 Jun 2021

This week we launched the Licel Scale Up Program to support growing businesses. It offers our reliable application security, DexProtector, but at a discounted price point that aligns with a scaleup’s commercial model.

We created the Scale Up Program because we noticed a troubling paradox. On the one hand, growing companies are most likely to suffer a fatal collapse as a result of a cyber attack - 1.3 million small UK businesses would likely disappear according to a recent Vodafone study. But on the other hand, they’re also the most likely to see the outlay for application security as a barrier.

The problem is that it’s no longer possible to take a chance on security and get away with it.

Not when apps are becoming many businesses’ most important assets. Not in a remote world where we’re more reliant than ever on apps to pick up the heavy lifting. And not when the evolution of cybercriminals is reflected in a steady stream of phishing messages pinging on our phones. Urging us to click on a link laced with malware.

Too many promising companies have had to watch their reputations crumble around them as a result of a data breach. The Scale Up Program is there to help prevent this from happening.

At Licel we often explain application security not only as a preserver of sensitive data, but also as a guardian of reputations. In an age where our only interaction with the bank we rely on to look after our savings is via their application, trust is a pretty vital metric. Never more so than for businesses that are just getting going. Businesses that are trying to make a name for themselves.

The Scale Up Program offers a significant discount for the first and most vital years of growth. It uses DexProtector’s reliable security as an insulator from the invisible cyber threats that swirl constantly around your application.

As such it gives you one less thing to worry about. And it lets you get on with what’s most important - creating an innovative product that makes your end user’s everyday easier.

Find out more about the Licel Scale Up Program.