Protect your React Native app with DexProtector.

DexProtector’s interconnected layers of protection secure React Native applications just as comprehensively as native apps.

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Why React Native app security is so important.

React Native is a popular framework in mobile app development. But there are some important gaps from a security perspective. Particularly when it comes to threats like reverse engineering, supply chain attacks, and man-in-the-middle attacks. That’s where DexProtector comes in - its many layers of protection block these attempts. And it works just as well for React Native apps as it does for native applications.

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Solutions for React Native app security vulnerabilities.

Reverse engineering

When your React Native app is compiled, JavaScript assets are packed into a .jsbundle file. The code is combined, compressed, and obfuscated slightly. But the source code is in plain text which means there is not much to stop an attacker from easily extracting and analyzing it.

DexProtector encrypts the contents of the .jsbundle using the same mechanisms that it applies to Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, or Swift code. Robust encryption and obfuscation makes it seem to an attacker that the source code has completely disappeared. DexProtector also employs RASP checks to detect jailbroken devices, emulators, and hooking frameworks like Frida. These are common tools used at runtime to take control over the app's execution. DexProtector blocks them all.

Man-in-the-middle attacks

React Native uses JavaScript APIs for its network connectivity. But apps running on the framework still call platform APIs, so in a sense they operate in a similar way to native applications. On a technical level, the risks of falling victim to a man-in-the-middle attack are thus the same as they are for native apps.

DexProtector’s defence against man-in-the-middle attacks is two-pronged. A combination of both SSL Pinning and Certificate Transparency checks help to stop network interference and interception.

Supply chain attacks

React Native apps use NPM packages as their dependencies. One potential issue here is how easy it is to publish them. It opens the door to bad actors publishing malicious packages without much effort. What’s more, even seemingly genuine, helpful dependencies might not have been implemented correctly or provide reasonable config or default parameters.

AppCare is an innovative tool that comes with DexProtector Studio. You can use it to scan your application for existing, known vulnerabilities in libraries and dependencies. That way you can be sure that there’s no rogue code that can cause problems further down the line.

React Native

DexProtector is the perfect partner for React Native apps.

The architecture of a React Native app is quite different to a native one. But DexProtector can still protect it just as easily. Every layer of protection used with native applications also applies to your React Native app.

Save time with instant integration

Seamlessly integrate DexProtector into your development lifecycle. Whether you use DexProtector Studio, integrate into the CI/CD process via the Gradle plugin or the command line, it’s as easy as “unprotected app in, protected app out.”

Protect on premises and avoid online risks

Bypass unnecessary risks associated with cloud-based security solutions. DexProtector operates offline in a safe environment that you control.

Secure your app without slowing it down

DexProtector’s multi-layered protection doesn’t compromise performance. Your app retains its speed and responsiveness, giving you robust security without a lag.

Find out why DexProtector is already trusted to protect React Native apps.

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