Public sector app protection.

Reliable security for super apps and mission-critical government applications.

Public sector app protection Public sector app protection

Protect your end user's personal identifiers and credentials.

Public sector applications are a prime target for cybercriminals because of the amount of personal information they process. And it’s a trend that is set to continue given the tendency for governments to launch super apps that allow citizens to carry out a range of sensitive tasks and transactions.

Application protection is vital at a time when many citizens are sceptical of digital transformation initiatives. By securing public sector apps you’re proving to citizens that you care about their cyber security. This can help you to build trust with them over time.

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Super apps need certification.

Government super apps that allow end users to make payments, share their health records, and upload ID documents are subject to a variety of different industry regulations. Our products make achieving compliance much easier.

  • NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Standards
  • ISM (Information Security Manual) (Australia)

Secure app and customer data with four interconnected layers of smart protection.

  • Code and resource hardening

    The act of obfuscating, encrypting, virtualizing, and isolating your app’s code and resources.

  • Secure runtime environment

    RASP checks to make sure your app isn't exposed to harmful threats in its environment.

  • Secure network communications

    SSL pinning and certificate transparency to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

  • Application integrity

    Dynamic cryptographic key calculations at runtime stop your app from working if it has been tampered with.



DexProtector is a of mobile app protection pioneer. It shields Android and iOS apps and SDKs from a range of attacks that can ruin hard-fought reputations. Simple to integrate and made to make developers' lives easier, you can rely on DexProtector to secure your public sector application.

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Stringer Java Obfuscator

Stringer Java Obfuscator

Stringer Java Obfuscator provides deep-rooted Java code protection for standalone, desktop, and enterprise apps. It is designed to stop tampering and reverse engineering attempts, making it the ideal solution for stopping attackers modifying or stealing sensitive information and credentials.

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Get attack data for all 
your reporting needs.

Alice gives you a clear view of the security threats in your app’s environment. As the dashboard to DexProtector's trusted sensor, it displays easy-to-understand graphs and charts about suspicious activity and attacks that DexProtector has thwarted. And all in the moment, as it happens.


Be aware of bad actors imitating authoritative voices.

During the covid pandemic hackers knew people were more anxious and vulnerable than usual. They saw how dependent people were on guidance from above and realized that they could take advantage. Suddenly, a wave of fake vaccination invites started pinging on people’s devices. It was the first phase of a sophisticated phishing attack.

Educating end users about social engineering is one solution to this problem. But you also need to protect your app from tampering attacks that can make phishing possible in the first place.

Our obfuscation, encryption, and virtualization techniques turn the sensitive source code within your app into encrypted containers that attackers can’t crack. This stops them from being able to carry out a static analysis. And RASP checks of your app’s environment make sure that hackers can’t carry out a dynamic instrumentation attack either.

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Secure your end user's sensitive credentials and build trust with them over time.

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