Public sector

Trusted protection for apps that are helping to digitize the public sector

In recent years, the relationship between government and its citizens has become a more digital one. Government apps now enable citizens to file their tax returns, browse local services, and access their health records.

These apps save money and make people’s lives easier. But they’ve also introduced cyber threats that didn’t exist before. We stop these threats in their tracks so people can carry on enjoying the benefits that these apps offer.

Types of apps and the threats facing them

Apps are now commonplace across the public sector. There are apps that store electronic IDs such as passports and driving licenses. Apps are used in elections to help people vote more easily. There are emergency / SOS apps. And in the post-covid-19 world, governments across the globe have released track and trace apps to keep the virus in check.

They all contain sensitive information about citizens. The kind of information that bad actors would like to steal. These apps are at risk from sensitive data exfiltration and tampering. Hackers might also carry out man-in-the-middle attacks and distributed denial-of-service attacks to intercept valuable data.

How we help

Our protection for public sector apps is multi layered. Our products work at a deep level within the apps themselves. That means they’re able to protect the critical code and content within them. This approach also helps to prevent tampering. Our sensitive crypto operations add extra security, and we store key material in a secure container where bad actors can’t find it.

We use deep communication hardening to stop man-in-the-middle attacks. And we also offer real-time attack telemetry and threat intelligence. This enables government departments to get a better understanding of the threats facing their apps.


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