Shaping the future of cybersecurity

At Licel we protect applications from rapidly evolving cyber threats. 

For more than a decade our journey has been defined by innovation and collaboration. We're totally committed to enabling secure app interactions and transactions that inspire trust, empower innovation, and drive positive change across industries.

Global reach, local expertise.

With hundreds of clients in 75 countries, the impact of our application security is felt around the world. But while we might be a global company, we're also your local partner. We have a physical presence in Europe, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East. And we have a deep understanding of the challenges unique to each of these regions.

Our partners

We’re proud to partner with likeminded organizations around the world who care about finding a balance between tech innovation and security. 

  • Tech UK
  • AIBP
  • Technation
  • Innovate Finance

Our products

Our cutting-edge security solutions are helping to safeguard the digital world your users inhabit.


Dynamic protection for
iOS and Android apps and SDKs.

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Stringer Java Obfuscator

Java code protection for standalone, desktop, and enterprise apps.

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Alice Threat Intelligence

Real time threat intelligence for apps.

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Crypto Module

White box cryptography
to secure your keys.

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Nurturing trust

App security is about much more than the technology underpinning our products.  

It’s also about fostering trust and confidence among the users of your application. Our security shields your app and your users from the fallout of malicious attacks. It empowers you to create apps that they can rely on. The upshot of this is that they can go about their everyday digital lives without having to look over their shoulder.    

At Licel we also understand the importance of education when it comes to the fight against bad actors. That’s why we regularly publish thought leadership, threat intelligence trends, and tips for how to stop attacks.   



As the digital landscape continues to evolve, we’re ready to meet new threats head on. We strongly believe that the potential of tech can only be truly realised when it’s built on the solid foundations of trust and security. 

Do you feel the same way that we do? If so, Licel might just be the right place for the next stage of your career. Tell us about the kind of role you’re interested in. 

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