Banking and finance app protection.

Fulfil the long-term security needs of your financial app or SDK.

protection for finance and banking protection for finance and banking

Protect your IP.
Protect your customers.
Protect your reputation.

Mobile banking and finance applications are under siege from malware, cloning, and man-in-the-middle attacks. And the stakes simply couldn’t be higher, because your app is now often your only channel to interact with your end users.

The good news? By protecting the IP, assets, and sensitive data within your app, you also protect your customers. So, you get to carry on building trust with them and growing your reputation.

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Comply with 
industry regulations.

An ever-growing number of standards are arriving in the finance and banking industry that aim to make sure digital payments are carried out securely. Our app protection products help you to comply with these industry requirements.

  • PSD2
  • GLBA

Get finance and banking app protection via interconnected layers of smart protection.

  • Code and resource hardening

    The act of obfuscating, encrypting, virtualizing, and isolating your app’s code and resources.

  • Secure runtime environment

    RASP checks to make sure your app isn't exposed to harmful threats in its environment.

  • Secure network communications

    SSL pinning and certificate transparency to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

  • Application integrity

    Dynamic cryptographic key calculations at runtime stop your app from working if it has been tampered with.



DexProtector is a mobile app protection pioneer. It shields Android and iOS apps and SDKs from attacks that can ruin hard-fought reputations. Simple to integrate and made to make developers' lives easier, you can rely on DexProtector to secure banking apps, wallets, and payment platforms.

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Stringer Java Obfuscator

Stringer Java Obfuscator

Stringer Java Obfuscator provides deep-rooted Java code protection for standalone, desktop, and enterprise apps. Designed to stop tampering and reverse engineering, it secures your app without slowing it down. Stringer protects 4 million users of high-load financial platforms globally.

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Secure your keys and tokens with white-box cryptography.

CryptoModule is our white-box cryptography solution that works seamlessly with DexProtector and Stringer and has been designed with PCI standards in mind. A self-defending virtual machine operating in the native layer of your SoftPOS app, Crypto Module stores key material safely in an isolated environment.


Get attack data for all 
your reporting needs.

Regulations often require that you share mobile attack data to be compliant. And this has been an issue for some organizations as their mobile app has been a bit of a blind spot from a security perspective. Alice Threat Intelligence can help. Its clear charts and graphs give you full visibility of your app’s threat landscape.

Alice Threat Intelligence


Mitigate the impact of malware attacks.

You don’t have to wait very long these days to read about another form of dangerous malware threatening finance and banking applications. Many of them exploit programs like Android’s Accessibility Services in order to trick end users with overlays and fake screens, while others are targeted for repackaging attempts. The impact can be devastating for the victims.

Our technology stops cybercriminals profiting from keylogging and screen grabbing the information that your end users mistakenly enter. Instead of siphoned credentials and bank details, the attacker only sees black screens and empty UI forms and boxes.

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Finance and banking app protection that secures your hard-earned reputation.

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