Instant protection for iOS and Android apps from static and dynamic attacks

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A global leader in app and SDK defense with over ten billion installations.

DexProtector’s approach to defending your apps is unique. Its Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) native engine works at a system level deep within the app. From there, it interacts directly with the OS components. This helps it to control key processes and secure the most sensitive parts of your apps and libraries.

DexProtector builds layers of protection on top of one another, creating a solid shield around your valuable code and assets. This hardens your apps and prevents real-time attacks.

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DexProtector the first software protection tool to be certified by EMVCo


  • Instant, one-click integration into your CI/CD with no coding required
  • Protects your apps as well as the communication channel with servers
  • Provides a secure layer between your app and the operating system
  • Defends your app against both static and dynamic attacks
  • A smart virtual machine that prevents hooking and debugging
  • A unique native engine secures your app without slowing it down


Multi-layered protection for mobile apps and SDKs.

  • Obfuscation, Encryption, and Virtualization

    DexProtector works directly with compiled apps at both bytecode and native levels to harden strings, classes, and metadata, as well as app resources, assets, and internal data. A combination of obfuscation, encryption, and virtualization mechanisms stops reverse engineering, modification, and IP theft.

  • Anti-Tampering and Integrity Control

    DexProtector applies sophisticated encryption-based integrity controls involving unique context-sensitive keys calculated dynamically at the point of protection. These controls, in combination with runtime code checks, certificate checks, and file content checks, prevent attackers from modifying and exploiting protected applications.

  • RASP (Runtime Application Self-Protection) and Device Attestation

    The DexProtector Runtime Engine is the first component of DexProtected apps to be initialized on launch. It scans the device for threats and enables the app to protect itself against them. The comprehensive range of device attestation mechanisms include anti-debug, anti-emulator, anti-root and Jailbreak checks help prevent reverse engineering and tampering.

  • Anti-Malware and App Blacklisting

    DexProtector’s Runtime Engine detects and reports known malware infecting end users’ devices. This protects your app and its users from malicious interference. You can also configure DexProtector to detect and blacklist specific packages.

  • UI Protection

    DexProtector enables you to block screen capture and prevent keylogging. It also offers protection against overlay attacks, activity hijacking, Remote Access Tools (RATs), and Virtual Network Computing (VNC) exploits.

  • Network Communications Hardening: Public Key Pinning and Certificate Transparency

    DexProtector enables protected apps to perform secure, client-side validation of public key certificates at the native level. This ensures the confidentiality and integrity of network communications, and helps to stop man-in-the-middle attacks.

  • API Protection

    With the DexProtector Runtime Engine managing network communications client-side, your app’s backend servers can check whether requests are coming from legitimate, unmodified, DexProtected applications, running on secure devices.

  • CryptoModule: White Box Cryptography Add-On

    The DexProtector CryptoModule operates as a software alternative to a hardware-backed Trusted Execution Environment or Secure Enclave. Its applet automatically takes control of your app’s cryptographic processes, protecting user keys and sensitive data through white box cryptography and device binding.

  • Threat Intelligence and Fraud Monitoring

    Instant integration with Alice Threat Intelligence. Alice receives and analyzes security-related data from DexProtected applications and libraries, offering a dashboard for data visualization, event correlation, and suspicious activity analysis. It also comes with add-ons available for API access, SIEM integration, and custom data reporting.

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How it works

Layers of smart protection that keep your apps safe from hackers.


01_String Encryption

Imagine a one-way mirror. On one side you only see your reflection, but the other side is transparent. DexProtector is this mirror. It keeps bad actors on the first side of the glass. They only see a reflected version of the string code in a protected format that they can’t read.

The encryption keys we use to decrypt protected strings are context sensitive. That means it isn’t possible for a hacker to perform a static analysis on your apps.


02_ Hide Access

Within your apps there are lots of method calls alongside access to fields. Each comes with meaningful logic that you can understand. But when DexProtector runs its Hide Access protection layer, it virtualizes and conceals this logic. So it no longer makes any sense to a would-be attacker.

Our native engine also acts as a shield against hooking and debugging attempts. That way it secures the sensitive logic in your apps and libraries.


03_ Class Encryption

DexProtector encrypts sensitive classes within your apps using dynamic key cryptography. Then it moves these unreadable classes to a secure, encrypted container. Somewhere bad actors would never think to look for them.

This is the first stage of Class Encryption - what we call the protection stage. At the second stage (runtime), DexProtector’s smart native engine works closely with the operating system and prevents the dumping of decrypted classes.


04_ Asset and Resource Encryption

DexProtector encrypts assets and resources such as media files, text files, and HTML files. You’re left with the same number of files at the end of this process. But bad actors can’t tell what they are. No coding is required - it’s an automatic encryption process that includes hybrid applications.

During Asset and Resource Encryption, DexProtector works with the final containers. That means it’s able to pre-calculate the dynamic key before execution. This is a unique process that adds even more protection.


05_Native Library Encryption

Many apps have platform-specific native libraries within them. DexProtector creates a secure container for the original, protected library. This is an encryption process based on dynamically-generated keys, together with other forms of protection.

DexProtector’s native engine carries out this process using its own library loading mechanisms. The end result is that attackers can’t see the original code, and they can’t see the exported symbols in the secure containers.


06_Environment checks

DexProtector probes the environment of your apps to determine its safety. Among other things, it checks for signs of tampering, hooking attempts, rooted devices, debuggers and emulators. This is important because these are tools attackers use to reverse engineer your apps.

It also provides attack telemetry data. This gives you valuable insights into the environments your app is being used in. It helps you to react to threats as they happen, and plan a risk analysis.

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Dynamic protection

What sets DexProtector apart is the depth it works at to protect your apps.

Some app protection products rely on integrating a software development kit into your apps. But this is a bit like going into battle with a blindfold on.

DexProtector goes deeper. Its native engine is closely integrated to the OS and it also works with the application container. This means it gets to know your apps inside out. It can pre-calculate different dynamic keys for each of its security functions during the protection phase.

Like an iceberg, the most dangerous threats to your apps are often hidden under the surface. That’s why Dexprotector’s approach is so effective.

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Take DexProtector’s security to another level with Alice and CryptoModule. Attack telemetry and threat intelligence, and smart protection designed for sensitive apps.

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Get a real-time view of exactly how DexProtector is keeping your app safe. Alice gives you valuable insights that you can use to plan your long term security.

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Crypto Module

Does your app carry critical logic and rely on cryptography? If so, CryptoModule can help. It uses a smart virtual machine to store key material in a safe environment.

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Platform support


Applications and Libraries for Android, Android Wear, Android TV and Android Things


Applications and Frameworks for iOS, watchOS and tvOS


Software Trusted Execution Environment with Crypto Module functionality for Embedded Platforms

Application Distribution Formats

Android APK, AAB, AAR, iOS App Store Package, XCode Application Archive

Supported Languages

Java, Kotlin, C/C++, C#, HTML/JS, Objective-C, Swift

Applications Types

Native Applications, Cordova/PhoneGap/Ionic/Titanium, ReactNative, Xamarin, Unity

Continuous Integration / Delivery Pipelines

Azure Pipelines, Bitrise, Jenkins

Development Tools

Android Studio Gradle, Eclipse, Maven, Ant

Beta-Testing Platforms

Firebase, Google Play Console, TestFlight

Mobile OSes

Android versions from 4.0 to 12.x, iOS versions from 9.x to 14.x, BlackBerry, YunOS


Product updates

  • DexProtector 14.0

    DexProtector 14 arrives, optimised and ready for Android 14 and iOS 17.

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  • Proactive malware defense from DexProtector

    DexProtector's new anti-malware functionalities provide a timely boost in the battle against bad actors.

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