Protection for the apps that help the aerospace industry to connect the world

Apps are vital to the aerospace industry. They help people to buy airline seats more quickly and conveniently. And they enable companies in the industry to plan their logistics and deliver their cargo all over the world.

But we’re not the only ones to find value in them. Hackers see opportunities in unprotected apps. By securing their precious code and logic from attacks, we make the aerospace industry a safer place.

Types of apps and the threats facing them

From airline apps to frequent flyer loyalty apps, the civil aviation industry is full of apps that contain sensitive user data. Passport details and payment information are often stored within them for convenience. The danger comes when these apps aren’t protected properly. If hackers find a weak link, then there’s a risk of sensitive data exfiltration and tampering.

Once passengers are in the airport itself, the public wifi can become an attack vector for hackers, too. Sensitive apps are particularly vulnerable. And internal apps for airline employees can also be targets. A bad actor could try to get an employee to download a fake version of the app. Then they’d be able to track cargo as well as other sensitive logistical information.

How we help

We work with businesses across the aerospace sector to secure the apps used by their customers and their employees. Our products work deep within the apps themselves to protect their code and content. By doing so, they make apps tamper resistant. Our environment checks make sure that nothing has been modified in the app and detect rooting, debugging, hooking, and emulators. And our deep communication hardening prevents man-in-the-middle attacks.

We also offer real-time attack telemetry and threat intelligence. This gives aerospace companies a more-rounded view of the threats that exist. And it enables them to better plan their defensive strategy.


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