Smart in-app security that makes the modern connected car a safer place

There are millions of lines of code in the modern smart car. The apps that we use to control them have made driving more convenient. And they’ve made the car much more than a mode of transportation.

But the sensitive data within these apps can be a tempting prospect for hackers. By protecting them, we let drivers enjoy the modern car without having to worry about cyber attacks.

Types of apps and the threats facing them

Apps for the modern smart car can lock and unlock it. They can pre-heat the engine while you have breakfast. And they can show you streams from the onboard camera. There are other apps that control your infotainment system. Then there are apps for the growing car sharing market. And they all store sensitive user data and passwords. That’s why they’re an attractive target for hackers. Bad actors can steal this information or tamper with it if the cryptography within the app is poorly implemented.

Car manufacturers themselves also have a wealth of sensitive logic and key material that they need to keep protected. They typically work with various partner organisations. And each one has its own unique methods for keeping their data secure. So, manufacturers need a way to secure the communication channels between the car and the server.

How we help

We work with global car manufacturers to protect their cars and their customers. Our robust in-app protection means that hackers can’t tamper with the data within smart car apps. We protect the code and content inside them, while our sensitive cryptographic operations prevent the loss of crypto keys.

We also protect server-side Java software from reverse engineering and tampering. And our deep communication hardening prevents man-in-the-middle attacks. That means that bad actors can’t intercept the communication channel between cars and the server.


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