The Licel vTEE provides next-level security for sensitive mobile operations.


A payments innovation accelerator.

The EMVCo-evaluated Licel vTEE provides a secure execution environment where trusted applications can perform sensitive transactions and operations. It also protects against sophisticated attacks that threaten the trust your end users have in your solution. This combination makes it a peace of mind enabler and an accelerator of innovation in digital payment fields like SoftPOS and mobile wallets as these solutions must comply with TEE-based requirements.

Innovative mobile payment methods are changing everyday habits.

It's worth remembering, however, that the mobile device wasn't designed to process payments securely. Without enhanced protection, the mobile phone should not be trusted to carry out such sensitive transactions.

Unmatched security mechanisms.

We created the Licel vTEE to stop attackers profiting from mobile fraud and stealing ultra-sensitive data such as payment credentials, tokenised cards, and protected health information (PHI). Its isolated execution environment provides a safe space for trusted applets to operate in. But our virtual trusted execution environment is much more than a secure storage space for sensitive keys. It comes with a software-based cryptographic module (SBCM) and a dynamic virtual machine that leverages DexProtector’s robust security mechanisms. 

Protection includes:

  • software-based cryptographic module (SBCM) which implements cryptographic algorithms for white-box cryptography as well as cryptographic features such as RSA, ECC, and AES
  • integrity control
  • runtime application self protection checks for threats such as debuggers, hooking frameworks, rooted devices, and emulators
  • anti-tampering
  • network communication security
  • device binding
  • downgrade attack protection
  • replay attack protection

Linked layers of protection.

How does the Licel vTEE work?

The Licel vTEE is a bit like a digital chip that is attached to the inside of your application. Within that chip is a virtual machine that works like a mini operating system. This is where your trusted applets operate from, secure from outside interference and attacks. 

The virtual machine is itself linked to the secure storage element of the virtual trusted execution environment (where your sensitive key material is held) and the software-based cryptographic module (SBCM). DexProtector’s Runtime Engine is connected to the vTEE’s virtual machine, too, so that its robust protection mechanisms can also be utilized. Each of these layers is linked and reinforced, making a successful intrusion almost impossible.

The Licel vTEE’s CryptoModule Applet keeps your cryptographic key material locked up safely.

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  • White Box Cryptography
  • User Key Encryption
  • User & Local Data Encryption
  • Device Binding
  • Data Sanitization & Erasure
  • Remote Key Injection (RKI) support
  • TR-34 Key Distribution support
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Virtual means agile.

As a virtual trusted execution environment, the Licel vTEE is more nimble than legacy, hardware-based TEEs.

We still believe hardware is important and that the best tech solutions combine hardware and software, but hardware TEEs consistently come up against the same hurdle: updates and fixes take a long time. While a hardware TEE might need weeks or months to get back online, a vTEE requires days or even hours. The upshot of this virtual reinforcement is massive savings in what would have been lost revenues and dented reputations.

Fast-tracked certification.

The Licel vTEE is already EMVCo-evaluated, so you can expect your own certification bid to run smoothly.

The Licel vTEE is the only virtual trusted execution environment to currently hold an EMVCo Security Evaluation Certificate under the SBMP TEE category. This is extremely helpful to you if you’re seeking EMVCo certification or PCI MPoC certification for Mobile Wallet apps or SoftPOS solutions respectively, because some of the specific requirements refer to TEEs or vTEEs.   

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