The Java Card simulator that enables rapid app testing.

JCardSim JCardSim

JCardSim is your portal into the world of Smart Card applications.

JCardSim is a transformative Java Card Simulator. It makes the development process for Smart Card apps much faster than it used to be, showing you how your applet will perform in an instant. JCardSim has contributed to the development of applications for bank cards, secure elements, SIMs and eSIMS, IDs, and many more.

Lightning-fast app testing

With JCardSim there's no need to install your app to the real chip or device which can be a cumbersome process. Instead it enables you to run application tests instantly and deploy faster.

Save time and money

JCardSim's software emulation saves you the time you would have spent installing, testing, reloading, and repeating. It also saves you the money you would have invested in hardware.

A vital learning tool

JCardSim is taught in universities around the world. It removes the barriers of time and money, empowering students to get started testing Smart Card apps right away.

Sustainable software development

Using a Java Card simulator like JCardSim is a much more sustainable form of software development as you’re saving the resources required to make physical Smart Cards.

Some of the world’s most recognizable brands use JCardSim to increase the efficiency of their dev processes.

  • Audi
  • Yubico
  • Thales
  • Infinion
  • HP
  • Idemia

A solution that has had a big impact on everyday digital activities.

You can see JCardSim’s imprint across a wide range of modern-day digital tasks and interactions. It has helped in the development of biometric passports, identity documents, and payment applets, among others.

JCardSim’s influence is evident on your daily commute into the office. From scanning your daily transport card to access the train, to paying for a coffee at your favourite cafe, to swiping into the office building with your keycard.

The cornerstone of our 
app protection products.

The Licel team has extensive experience in building operating systems for Smart Cards. And this experience has been pivotal in the creation of our application security products.



A version of JCardSim operates inside DexProtector's runtime application self protection (RASP) engine. It virtualizes program calls and prevents reverse engineering and debugging for our native engine.

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Crypto Module

Crypto Module

CryptoModule is our white-box cryptography solution for apps that rely on sensitive cryptographic operations. It uses a version of JCardSim as a virtual trusted execution environment and for its rich cryptography features.

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Introducing JCardSim GP.

JCardSim GP is a module that enables the Global Platform specification. You can use GP API for working with secure channels and interacting with the Global Platform registry.
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