Protect your Xamarin app with DexProtector.

DexProtector’s interconnected layers of protection secure Xamarin applications just as easily as native apps.

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Why Xamarin app security is so important.

Xamarin has been a trusted development framework for some time now. But it’s important to understand that on its own it doesn’t provide a robust level of protection against modern attacks. Without extra protection, your Xamarin app could be vulnerable to reverse engineering, man-in-the-middle attacks, and supply chain attacks. DexProtector’s interconnected layers of app protection stop sophisticated attacks from succeeding.

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Solutions for Xamarin app security vulnerabilities.

Reverse engineering

Without robust code hardening, reverse engineering a Xamarin app is a fairly straightforward task. An attacker just has to decompile the APK or IPA file, find the DLL file within the assemblies folder, and then extract and decompile it. With the DLL file a bad actor can locate the app’s logic plus any hardcoded secrets and auth tokens. Clearly the danger here is that the attacker can then tamper with your app and even create a clone of it.

DexProtector can encrypt all Xamarin assets, securing your source code against reverse engineering and modification. It secures your app against dynamic instrumentation attacks, too. RASP checks detect jailbroken devices, emulators, and hooking frameworks like Frida. If they are detected, DexProtector stops the app from starting.

Man-in-the-middle attacks

Xamarin proxies the network connectivity calls to the OS through system APIs. It doesn’t offer any specific measures to control the internet connection out of the box, which means man-in-the-middle attacks are an active threat.

DexProtector performs its own SSL Pinning and Certificate Transparency checks to stop man in the middle attacks. It makes sure that any communications travelling from your app only arrive at the genuine, designated server that you’ve pre-authorized.

Supply chain attacks

Xamarin uses the NuGet package manager to leverage dependencies. As with some other development frameworks, It’s quite easy to submit a package or library there, which can then be picked up by developers to be used in a variety of applications. While in most cases this won’t result in any security issues, the risk is ever present.

DexProtector Studio comes with an innovative tool called AppCare. You can use it to scan your application for known vulnerabilities that already exist in libraries and dependencies. It’s a quick and easy way to make sure there’s no rogue code that might cause problems for you further down the line.

DexProtector is the perfect partner for Xamarin apps.

Despite the difference in the makeup between a Xamarin app and a native app, DexProtector safeguards them both just the same. Each of its protection mechanisms also applies to Xamarin.

Save time with instant integration

Seamlessly integrate DexProtector into your development lifecycle. Whether you use DexProtector Studio, integrate into the CI/CD process via the Gradle plugin or the command line, it’s as easy as “unprotected app in, protected app out.”

Protect on premises and avoid online risks

Bypass unnecessary risks associated with cloud-based security solutions. DexProtector operates offline in a safe environment that you control.

Secure your app without slowing it down

DexProtector’s multi-layered protection doesn’t compromise performance. Your app retains its speed and responsiveness, giving you robust security without a lag.

Find out why DexProtector is already trusted to protect Xamarin apps.

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