White box cryptography to secure your keys and tokens.

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Keep your cryptographic key material locked up safe.

White box cryptography is a vital facet of app security. It exists to protect cryptographic keys and operations in hostile or untrusted environments. Without it, attackers might be able to access your app and inspect, analyze, or even modify the cryptographic algorithm.

  • e-wallets
  • softPOS
  • M2FA authenticator apps
  • digital ID’s
  • e-key, (hotel keys, car keys)
  • e-pass (travel card, ticket)
  • IOT hubs

White box cryptography

Crypto Module’s sophisticated white box cryptography secures your app's cryptographic keys on the device. This means your keys are bound to that particular device and can’t be stolen - even if a bad actor is running your app on a rooted device.

Software-based security module

Crypto Module is a software-based security module which provides a safe place for sensitive transactions to take place. It works in a similar way to hardware secure enclaves and chips used to create secure environments. But the fact that Crypto Module is virtual means it’s much easier to update.

What does Crypto Module give you?

If you think of your application as the bank, then Crypto Module is the vault. Its smart card security functionalities keep attackers away from what you value most.

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Keys and tokens kept secure at every stage

**Crypto Module protects your cryptographic keys while they’re in use**, while they’re stored, and while they’re in transit. So, you don’t have to worry about exposure - even if a device is rooted or jailbroken.

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Integrates and updates fast

Because Crypto Module is a software solution, it operates independently from key stores and secure enclaves. This means it’s a lot easier to set up. And it also means it’s a lot faster to action updates.

Crypto API 
Virtualization mode

When your app invokes a crypto function, it isn’t method-defined. It's based on a cryptographic library call. And hackers can hook this call to take a look around and attempt a successful attack. But with Crypto Module in place, it simply isn’t possible for them to make this initial hook. That’s because Crypto Module has already moved the cryptographic library calls to the safety of the virtual machine.

SmartCard mode

You can also use Crypto Module a bit like a smart card. This mode is transparent, so you can control everything that happens within the app. Including implementing specific logic. In this mode, when the app sends an APDU command to the smart card and gets a reply, CryptoModule can then respond for the app. And vice versa. When a terminal sends an APDU command back to the app, that command is handled by Crypto Module in its secure environment.

The ideal security solution for SoftPOS systems.

Protection against key extraction and rooted or jailbroken devices is vital for SoftPOS systems that rely on secure communications. This makes Crypto Module the perfect partner for device-to-device payments.

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Meet industry standards

Crypto Module’s advanced protection measures are exactly what industry regulations like FIPS 140-2 require you to meet.

  • EmvCO
  • FIPS 140-2

White box cryptography with automatic integrations into DexProtector.