26 May 2020

Dexprotector 11.0

To supply our customers with instant updates and upgrades of DexProtector, we release on-demand versions almost every day. These incorporate fixes and feature requests alongside security and performance improvements. Official releases reflect the landscape of the mobile ecosystem, current threats, and measures to eliminate them.

One of the major events this summer is the official release of Android 11 and, later this year, the release of a new version of iOS. In this latest version of DexProtector, we’ve adapted and improved all the protection mechanisms so that protected apps work just as well on the latest versions of operating systems. It also means that DexProtector itself works with the latest versions of build tools.

The industry of in-app protection and real time application self protection (RASP) is probably one of the most dynamic and rapidly-developing fields of Mobile Application Security. Especially with the drastically-increased use of sensitive mobile apps due to COVID-19. We have seen a significant increase in attacks on mobile apps - both static and dynamic - as well as tampering attempts in the last few months.

The good news is that DexProtector now provides an effortless and transparent way of accessing attack telemetry data and threat intelligence. It’s just one line in your DexProtector configuration file.

Also worth mentioning here is the increased adoption of hybrid apps and low-code development platforms across all industries, including FinTech, MedTech and the public sector. We’ve been working in close cooperation with our customers to provide them with robust ways to protect such apps, including apps targeting the iOS platform. This also applies to apps that do not have bitcode in them, which is crucial for hybrid apps and apps produced with proprietary low-code platforms.

Last but not least, the security of cashless transactions that involves payment and mobile wallet apps is becoming even more important these days. We’ve conducted numerous certifications of mobile payment apps, including software POS solutions with leading security labs and payment systems. For these projects and others like them in highly-sensitive and regulated industries, we recommend utilizing CryptoModule. It instantly moves crypto-related operations and stores key material in an isolated application that runs on top of our secure self-defending virtual machine.

Stay safe, and secure your mobile apps and clients with the new version of DexProtector.

The details

Android platforms

  • Improved support for Android 11 (R)

Application frameworks

  • It’s now possible to protect/encrypt JavaScript bundles with WhiteBox Crypto for ReactNative-based apps (iOS)

  • A new mechanism to protect JavaScript code in Cordova-based apps (iOS)

  • Added support for the latest versions of Unity Engine