28 Aug 2021

DexProtector 12.1

We have also made the following further improvements to DexProtector:


  • Enhanced resource encryption for xml files located in the res folder (for AABs)
  • Developed a new algorithm for the generation of consumer ProGuard rules (for AARs)
  • Improved support for NativeScript apps
  • Automatic obfuscation of probe and callback methods used for Environment Checks


  • Enhanced support for static string encryption in Swift
  • Implemented Integrity Control checks for Mach-O files

Certificate Transparency

  • Added support for certificate monitoring within the Certificate Transparency framework for both iOS and Android, with simple configuration of validated domains and trusted log servers

Development Platform Support

  • Resolved potential dependency conflicts with the Gradle caching mechanism

If you have a valid license for DexProtector 8, 9, 10, or 11, and an active support subscription, you can receive this upgrade at no additional cost. If your support subscription has been inactive for a month or more, please purchase a new license.

If you would like to upgrade from the Standard version to the Enterprise version, please request a quote.

Finally, to renew your support subscription, please contact us.

To get the latest version, please request a link to the latest distribution package or send us an email.