26 Sep 2022

DexProtector 12.9

In recent months we’ve spoken a lot about our strong belief that app protection tools like ours should be updated and security tested frequently. That’s because we’re living in a world where threats are constantly evolving. It isn’t okay to simply assume that the protection mechanisms that stopped bad actors a year ago will be just as effective a year from now.

This belief is behind the latest update to DexProtector. We’ve introduced a functionality that automatically updates DexProtector and DexProtector Studio so you no longer have to do so manually. 

So, how does it work? 

Firstly, you need to have an active DexProtector license and the latest version of DexProtector Studio. You can use this latest version of Studio to automatically download the latest version of both DexProtector and Studio from now on. And after downloading the latest version, you’ll also be able to see information about the changes in that update. If you need to copy the updated version of DexProtector to your local company environment, you can obtain a package from the Studio interface.

This is a functionality that many of you have enquired about, so we’re thrilled to be rolling it out. 

Finally, a couple of other updates to DexProtector worthy of note:

In the last year, hybrid applications have started to be more popular than native applications. In DexProtector 12.9 we’ve continued to improve our support for popular application development frameworks such as Xamarin - especially for iOS.

DexProtector’s Runtime Checks are vital in defending from dynamic instrumentation attacks and mitigating malware attacks. In the latest version we’ve introduced a new QR code mechanism to collect information about attacks if DexProtector is set up to show a crash dialogue to the end user. The QR code will be shared with them in the event of an anomaly being detected. This can then be relayed to you. Combined with Alice - our threat monitoring solution - it’s one more way for you to precisely track security incidents and react to attacks in real time.

Remember that our support team is always on hand to answer any questions you might have about how to upgrade to DexProtector 12.9 from previous versions.

To renew your support subscription, please contact us.

And to get the latest version, please request a link to the latest distribution package or send us an email at