18 Oct 2023

DexProtector 14.0

DexProtector 14 has arrived. It’s designed for a seamless transition to both Android 14 and iOS 17. It also comes with new features to improve your app’s resilience on both platforms.

In September 2023, both Apple and Google are set to announce the release of their latest mobile operating systems.  

In recent months we’ve been working closely with the previews and beta releases of both iOS 17 and Android 14 to optimize DexProtector’s security measures for the latest generation of operating systems.   

And we’re pleased to announce that DexProtector 14 with official support for Xcode 15 and Android 14 SDK will be available in time for the rollout later this week. This latest release also contains new features, including:

For iOS

  • Improved processing and protection of Flutter apps, including hardening of DartVM image
  • Improved performance for integrity control checks

For Android

  • Enhanced anti-malware protection

For more details or to find out more about DexProtector, please get in touch with our technical support team at