25 Jan 2024

DexProtector 14.1

New year, new DexProtector.

Version 14.1 is built on top of a completely refreshed core architecture.

Key benefits of DexProtector 14.1 include:

  • Revamped root detection, emulator detection, and anti-tampering mechanisms for Android
    • A new DexProtector Runtime Engine that goes to greater depths to collect device attestation data and detect anomalies, taking a ‘root-and-branch’ approach to threat prevention and securing memory space.
  • New support for Baseline Profiles
    • If a target app includes Baseline Profiles, DexProtector will automatically update them to reflect modifications made during the protection process. This allows the Android Runtime to optimize code paths for DexProtected apps, improving runtime performance for end users
  • An improved protocol for reporting to Alice Threat Intelligence
    • More efficient data transmission from user devices and accelerated processing times on the Alice backend, meaning there’s improved support for key new features including dynamic User ID reporting and anti-malware detection

Linked to DexProtector 14.1, we'll also be releasing refreshed and expanded Security Guidance for DexProtector license holders.

This new Security Guidance will include recommendations for configuration and security more generally, incorporating a lot of the lessons we've learned over the last year during security reviews, interactions with security researchers, and feedback from DexProtector users.

The threat landscape is constantly evolving. We need to stay ahead of the game, and small changes add up to major security improvements over time. That's why we recommend that you update to the latest version of DexProtector at least once a month.

For more details or to find out more about DexProtector, please get in touch with our technical support team at