Development guidelines for iOS now suggest that you design multi-module (Frameworks) applications instead of monolithic apps. For that reason, the protection of Frameworks being integrated into apps - or being distributed separately - is crucial.

With that in mind, we’re happy to announce that the latest version of DexProtector Enterprise which introduces a unique obfuscation mechanism for Objective-C classes. This protection mechanism eliminates the possibility of static-analysis (reverse-engineering).

From the technical perspective, DexProtector removes all the structural information from the declaration of Objective-C classes. At the same time, dynamic class inspection remains fully supported.

Environment Checks are one of the most important facets of robust application shielding these days. As such, we’ve significantly improved the performance of Environment Checks for Android. And we’ve added a new debugger detection mechanism for iOS.

Details below:


  • Fixed issues with Android 9 on Vivo devices
  • New logic to work with x86/x86_64 devices


  • New bitcode obfuscation algorithm
  • Added debugger detection


  • Android Libraries - including support for the latest Kotlin version, fixed problems with native HideAccess engine, and resolved issues with multiple protected AARs in a single APK


  • Re-designed AndroidManifertMangling engine


  • Improved performance of the checks
  • Added the new Nox player detection algorithm
  • Added debugger detection for IOS platform
  • Support for Frida detection on Android Q4


  • Added an API for using CryptoModule from pure native libraries
  • Improved support for Mastercard MBCP library protection

Upgrade information:

If you have a license for DexProtector 8.x/9.x and active support subscription, you can receive the upgrade at no additional cost (Standard->Standard, Enterprise->Enterprise). If your support subscription has been inactive for a month or more, then you’ll need to acquire a new license. If you would like to upgrade from the Standard version to the Enterprise version, please request an upgrade quote. To renew your support subscription, please contact support.

To get the latest version, please request a link to the latest distribution package via the contact form or via email.

Should you have any questions, please email us at

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