16 Oct 2019

DexProtector Studio Announcement

We are happy to announce the release of our new product DexProtector Studio.

DexProtector Studio is designed for the analysis and protection of applications and libraries (SDKs) for Android and iOS platforms. Finding weaknesses and vulnerabilities is also made easy with our new tool. As well as that, it allows you to create protection profiles and see how they get applied to your code and resources.

The first release of DexProtector Studio Preview provides the following functionality:

  • Analysis and visualization of Android Applications (APK), Android Application Bundles (AAB), and Android Libraries (AAR)

  • Editing of DexProtector's protection profiles and representation of how it will be applied to the application or library being protected

  • Protection of Android Applications, Android Application Bundles and Android Libraries

DexProtector Studio Preview is available to all the clients who have an active subscription as it is a requirement to have the latest version of DexProtector.

To get the distribution package, please drop an email to our team at