Real-time security for sensitive apps that rely on cryptography

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Cutting-edge protection for your most critical apps.

If you’re in the FinTech, MedTech or Defense space, you’re probably using apps that carry critical logic that relies on cryptography. It’s this sensitive logic that makes these apps attractive targets for bad actors.

Crypto Module is designed to stop even the most sophisticated attack. A self-defending virtual machine, it works in the native layer of your apps. It stores key material in an isolated, safe environment - much like a smart card or HSM. Crypto Module also speeds up the security patch process. It can re-protect your apps and publish new versions on app stores in a matter of minutes.


  • Transparent virtualization of all the Crypto API methods
  • Moves critical material to a secure, isolated container
  • An intelligent virtual machine that self-defends against sophisticated attacks
  • Dual-mode operation - CryptoAPI virtualization and smart card emulation
  • Zero cost integration - a single line in the configuration file

When is it a good idea to step up your security with Crypto Module?

Crypto Module is particularly well suited for the IOT sector, as well as projects in highly-sensitive and regulated industries.

In other words, it’s perfect for organizations with apps that carry out lots of cryptographic operations. If that sounds like you, then Crypto Module can take your protection to the next level. It can also help to make sure that you pass any industry-related security certification.

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Crypto Module illustration

Crypto Module excels at making any execution environment secure.

There are two modes that are typically used to run Crypto Module - JCA mode and Smart Card mode. This is how it works in each:

Crypto API Virtualization mode

When your app runs a crypto function, it isn’t method-defined. It’s based on the system class and system call. And hackers can use the system call as a hook to take a look around and attempt an attack. But with Crypto Module in place, it simply isn’t possible for them to make this initial hook. That’s because Crypto Module has already moved the system calls to the safety of the virtual machine.

Smart Card mode

You can also use Crypto Module a bit like a smart card. This mode is transparent, so you can control everything that happens within the app, including implementing specific logic. In this mode, when the app sends an APP comment to the smart card and gets a reply, CryptoModule can then respond for the app.

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