We want people to enjoy everyday technology without having to look over their shoulder

From the world’s biggest banks to global car manufacturers, we keep apps safe for end users. And by doing so, we help the businesses we work with to keep hold of their hard-earned reputation.

Two of the most precious commodities in the modern world are data and trust. At Licel, we protect one to safeguard the other. Our products use smart cryptography deep inside mobile and desktop apps. They build layers of protection on top of one another, preventing hackers from getting to the valuable data these apps hold.

This security is crucial, because a data breach can erode a company’s reputation in no time. Our protection allows companies to build trust with customers and investors. It lets them focus on growing their business rather than fearing cyber attacks. And our in-app defense makes everyday digital moments safer for people. It means they can share sensitive information with their doctor or make a quick bank transfer to a friend without worry. It's this bigger picture of what in-app security enables for our clients and their customers that motivates us to do what we do.

Our story

Around the time the first smartphones were being released, we were creating software for banks. Our background is in the smart card industry, so we were using the techniques we learned there to make this software secure. There was no real protection against static analysis at that time, so the very first apps were vulnerable to attacks. And this got us thinking. Could we use our smart card know-how to keep the logic and code within these trailblazing apps secure? We had to find out, so we left the financial industry and set out on our own.

Our exploration resulted in our first two products - JCardSim and Stringer. And as digital technology evolved, so did we. We designed DexProtector specifically to protect the fast-growing market of Android and iOS apps.

Today, our story continues. It has to, because hackers don’t stop. They’re changing their approach all the time, looking for weak links to launch an attack. Our job is to make sure they can’t find any.