17 Oct 2023

Stringer Java Obfuscator 9.3

We’re happy to announce the release of the latest version of Stringer Java Obfuscator. In version 9.3 of the cutting-edge protection solution for Java platforms, Java 13 support and the new WebContainer (including Spring Boot) integration mechanisms have been introduced.

In Stringer 9.3, the protection mechanisms for J2EE WebContainers have been dramaticallyimproved. They now allow you to transparently encrypt the vast majority of WebApplication's resources, from .xhtml files to .js, to SpringBean definitions and beyond.

Key features

  • Java 13 Support
  • Jetty Support (Embedded and Standalone modes)
  • Improved Spring Boot Support
  • Resource Encryption for WebApplications improved, including web.xml obfuscation
  • String Encryption performance optimization
  • Fixed issues with Jar Signing for Java 11-13 versions
  • ByteCode version downgrade for legacy Spring versions
  • Maven plugin improvements

Upgrade Information: If you have a valid license for Stringer Java Obfuscator and an active support subscription (request instructions on how to renew your support subscription), you can receive this upgrade at no additional cost (Standard->Standard, Enterprise->Enterprise). If you would like to upgrade from the Standard version to Enterprise, please request an upgrade quote.