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DexProtector’s arrival on Bitrise a vital step toward safer mobile apps

Licel has announced that its product, DexProtector, is now a Verified Step on Bitrise. That means developers using the Bitrise platform can include DexProtector’s robust mobile application security as part of their Workflow.

The recent growth of Bitrise speaks to the success of its complete CI/CD platform in making the development process both faster and more seamless. It also reflects the insatiable global appetite for mobile apps.

We were already glued to our phones before Covid-19 came along. But the pandemic has caused this trend to accelerate still further. According to App Annie’s State of Mobile 2021 report, mobile usage habits grew in 2020 at the same pace they would in a typical 2-3 year period. This has encouraged the development of more and more applications.

The only danger with this trend is that some apps are launched without sufficient security measures. And that creates extra attack vectors for bad actors. Cyber attacks have been on the rise in the last 12 months as hackers have looked to exploit the anxiety people have felt about Covid-19. As the CEO of Bitrise, Barnabás Birmacher explains, that’s why the DexProtector integration feels so timely:

“Our mission at Bitrise is to make mobile teams as successful as possible, and security is critical to that success. DexProtector is a great example of a service that supports that requirement, and I'm very happy to welcome them to the platform.”

App security is particularly vital for businesses right now because their application is fast becoming their most valuable asset. For a number of Fintech companies, for example, their app is everything. Success simply wouldn’t be possible without it.

But this success is only possible if end users know they can count on the app to keep their personal information secure. Beyond avoiding revenue loss, penalties, and compliance violations, app security is a preserver of trust and reputations.

“Reliable application protection is arguably more important now than it’s ever been”, agrees Ivan Kinash, CEO of Licel. “That’s why we’re so thrilled that DexProtector is now available on Bitrise. It’s one more way of making app security more accessible for people.”

Provided they have an Enterprise license for DexProtector, Bitrise users can configure the Step so it can be integrated into their build workflows.

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