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Licel Joins the Grow London Global Programme to Unlock Growth Opportunities

Licel Joins the Grow London Global Programme to Unlock Growth Opportunities

Licel joined the respected Grow London Global Programme this week as part of its third cohort. 

The Grow London Global initiative from London & Partners is renowned for boosting high-growth businesses based in the UK capital. It equips them with the tools and support they need to tap into global markets, acting as a beacon of support for London's vibrant business community, and providing them with world-class access to resources, mentorship, and the networks that are vital for global expansion.

Ivan Kinash, CEO of Licel, expressed his pride at being selected as a high-growth business for the current cohort: "Being part of Grow London Global is a great step for us. A few years ago, we chose London as our headquarters because of its dynamic markets, its welcoming and neutral outlook, and its commitment to cultivating business success. This programme is a testament to that choice. We see it as a fantastic opportunity for us to grow, learn, and connect with peers on similar journeys."

Karen Sandhu, Head of Grow London Global, welcomed Licel to the cohort, saying: “The challenges presented by cyber threats are ever-present and evolving. We are happy to welcome cybersecurity companies like Licel to our programme given its mission to make the digital world a safer place.”

Licel's participation in the Grow London Global programme underscores its commitment to excellence and innovation in cybersecurity, promising a future of enhanced digital safety for app developers and their end users globally.

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