Real-time insights about the risks that threaten your app’s security

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Alice Chart

Alice is a threat intelligence tool. It paints a detailed picture of the day-to-day attacks your app faces.

If DexProtector exists to keep your apps safe from sophisticated threats, Alice is there to tell you exactly what these risks are. Alice opens the curtains and shows you the threat landscape that surrounds your apps. It gives you all the insights you need to carry out a thorough risk analysis.

  • A 360 degree view of the attacks countered by DexProtector
  • Clear charts and graphs that help you plan your security
  • The ability to respond to security incidents in the moment

view by time or region

An easy-to-use dashboard that charts attacks by both time and region

Alice shares attack insights with you in a simple, easy-to-use format. Four key incidents - HTTP public key pinning, environment checks, tamper notifications, and crashes - are displayed. You can view these incidents by when and where they took place. And you can tailor the output data to suit your reporting needs.

api integrations

API integrations help you to take action against specific threats

When DexProtector detects an attack, it sends stored data to Alice. But this information can also be held on the API and your local risk analysis system. That way you can react to threats as they happen. Take a fraud monitoring system, for example. It can refer to Alice to check whether a specific user has malware on their device. If they do, vital action can then be taken. They can be locked out of the app, or they can be asked to use another factor of authentication.

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