Powerful in-app protection and real-time threat tracking

For iOS, Android and Java

Protect your apps from bad actors and secure your end user’s sensitive data

Our deep in-app protection secures your sensitive logic and data. It switches off lights and locks doors, making your apps harder to read and harder to attack. It preserves the integrity of your apps and libraries. And it stops hackers from carrying out a static or dynamic analysis.

With your apps secured, you can focus on providing a great experience for your end users. And they can use your apps as you intended, without fearing their data might be exposed.

Keep your hard-earned reputation

A security breach can hit your reputation hard. That’s why robust in-app protection is so important. You’re not only shielding your apps and SDKs from a diverse range of threats. You’re also safeguarding the way people think of you in your industry. It means you hold onto the trust you’ve built up with your customers, investors, and other stakeholders. And you don’t have to worry about revenue loss, penalties, and compliance violations.

risks and threats

Our products

The application landscape is evolving all the time, with more frameworks than ever. Whichever one you’re using - from Unity to Flutter - we have a product to protect it.

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Get valuable insights about the
threats facing your apps in real time

Alice is our risk analysis and attack telemetry system. It gives you a live, 360 degree view of how we’re keeping your apps safe. Its easy-to-use dashboard helps you to understand attacks better and know where they’re coming from.

  • Uncover the day-to-day threats facing your apps
  • Patterns and trends help you to plan your long-term security
  • In-the-moment attack alerts allow you to react appropriately
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A snapshot of how our products are making digital moments safer for people.

Protecting mobile banking transactions

We protect the mobile banking transactions of more than 310 million users. This means they can manage their finances without worry.

Securing smart homes

We secure 450,000 smart home networks in 93 countries. This helps people to delegate everyday tasks to smart devices with confidence.

Securing smart car keys

Our security is making connected cars safer to drive. It can be found inside 135,000 individual smart car keys across the globe.

Pritecting medical records

The doctor-patient relationship is moving online. We keep 10,000 patient medical records safe from tampering and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Industries we support

Many businesses now rate their app as their most valuable asset. For mobile banks, payment solution vendors, and a growing number of healthcare providers, business growth depends on a secure, trustworthy application. We protect the critical code, logic, and data inside apps for organizations across industries. By doing so, we enable them to focus on growth and thrive in their market.

Security by design

Discover our seven security by design principles. There to help you to design and develop safer apps for your end users.

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Risks & threats

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