App security made for the modern world.

For Android and iOS apps and SDKs, Java applications and libraries.

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Connected devices in the modern world Connected devices in the modern world

Our powerful app protection products make your app or SDK safe to use in a world full of fast-shifting cyber threats.

Interconnected layers of protection interact closely with both the app and the operating system. Together they form a solid shield against damaging attacks.

  • Code and resource hardening

    The act of obfuscating, encrypting, virtualizing, and isolating your app’s code and resources.

  • Secure runtime environment

    RASP checks to make sure your app isn’t exposed to harmful threats in its environment.

  • Secure network communications

    SSL pinning and certificate transparency to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

  • Application integrity

    Dynamic cryptographic key calculations at runtime stop your app from working if it has been tampered with.

Our layers of app security provide unbeatable protection against a variety of threats.

static attacks

Static attacks

Bad actors will try to decompile your app to examine its code, reverse engineer its logic, discover vulnerabilities to exploit, and design malware to target it. Our products use encryption, obfuscation, and virtualization to make the decompiled code impossible to understand.

dynamic attacks

Dynamic attacks

These days, most reverse engineering attempts are dynamic and take place during runtime execution. Our products use Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) which spots dynamic instrumentation tools like Frida and dangerous mobile malware. Then it stops them from working.

Network-based attacks

Network-based attacks

If the communication channel between your app and the server isn’t protected, it can be targeted. And sensitive data and assets can then be stolen. Our products secure this channel, keeping your app safe from man-in-the-middle attacks and preventing data being funnelled to a bogus server.

Why Licel?

We helped to define the world of app security. Now we’re working hard to shape its future. Forward-thinking businesses see us as trust enablers who empower them focus on what they do best.

310 million mobile banking
users protected

450,000 smart home
networks secured

135,000 smart car keys made safe
for drivers across the globe

83 million patient medical records
protected from sensitive data harvesting

Supported platforms

Prevent strategic, reputational, operational and compliance risks.

App protection doesn’t only secure your application. By stopping attacks, it also protects your reputation and the trust you’ve built up with your end users. And it means you avoid revenue loss, penalties, and compliance violations.


Dynamic protection for iOS and Android apps and SDKs.

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Stringer Java Obfuscator

Java code protection for standalone, desktop, and enterprise apps.

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Alice Threat Intelligence

Real time threat intelligence for apps.

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Unmatched protection for sensitive mobile operations.

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Cyber threats are constantly evolving, so our products can’t and don’t stand still. They’re regularly being refined, evaluated by independent labs, and approved by industry bodies.

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