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Strategic Advisors Help to Drive Licel’s Ambitious Growth Targets

Licel is pleased to announce that it has appointed the experienced cybersecurity business advisor, Andy Williams, to its Advisory Board. Williams will work with Chairman, Matthias Duensser, to provide strategic direction during what is expected to be a period of fast-paced growth for the company.

The global app protection company, Licel, already boasts more than a thousand customers in over 70 countries. But these figures are set to rise in 2021 as the business targets ambitious growth. For Licel CEO Ivan Kinash, the company’s Advisory Board is a key facilitator of this strategy:

“Partnerships with industry experts like Matthias and Andy are vital for expanding our presence in key industries such as Finance, Healthcare, and the Public Sector. Their complementary skill sets and experiences can help us to drive growth as we explore new markets and opportunities in the coming months and years.”

Matthias Duessner, who has been supporting Licel’s growth strategy since 2019 and now acts as Chairman of the Advisory Board, is an experienced leader in the security software industry. He played a key role in the creation of the first RFID-enabled public key crypto chip used in public transport AFC systems. He then built on this technology, founding a company that used a certified embedded solution for electronic passports and ID documents. It became the global leader with more than 170m licensed products across 65 countries.

“We’re living at a time where applications are fast becoming many companies’ most important assets,” Matthias said. “That’s why equipping them with robust security is so important. I’m excited at the prospect of working alongside Andy and playing a strategic role in introducing Licel’s vital app-protection products to new markets.”

Andy Williams has acted as a strategic advisor to cybersecurity leaders in international business development. He has served in both the US and UK governments as an international trade adviser on cybersecurity matters. This included a spell as the UK cyber trade envoy to the US in Washington DC from 2015 to 2017.

“I’m delighted to be joining Licel’s Advisory Board at such an exciting time for the company,” Andy said. “With 9 million mobile apps in the world and global app revenues projected to reach a trillion dollars by 2023, there has never been a greater need for effective mobile application security. Licel’s powerful in-app protection and real-time threat tracking solutions put the business in a great position to build substantially on its existing success.”

Matthias Duessner is a leader in the development of sophisticated security for the smart card industry.
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Andy Williams is an experienced advisor in the fields of cybersecurity, commerce, and innovation.
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