Security by design

For a long time, protection was a bit of an afterthought in app development. But last-minute security fixes don't cut it anymore. Follow the seven steps we've set out here, and you'll create safer apps for your end users.

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Security by design

Design for a
zero trust world


Make sure your app is safe to use in a wild world full of outdated OS, malware, and rooted devices.

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Security should be a
continuous process


Last-minute protection doesn’t work. Find out why app security should be just as iterative as development itself.

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Security is everyone’s


When others aside from the sec ops team care about security, you end up with a much safer app for your end users.

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There's a fine balance between security and usability


Security shouldn’t be too complicated. When it is, it can frustrate users and can actually end up making your app less secure.

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Don’t reinvent
the wheel


There’s a lot of advice out there already that can help you to find the right kind of protection for your app.

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Keep things
clear and simple


There’s a principle in cyber security that says the fewer links or access areas you create, the better. Don’t make things easy for bad actors.

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Add layers to create
depth of security


To defend against the modern hacker, you need depth of security. Find out how interconnected layers can provide just that.

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